Samfirmware “No More Beta bada 2.0 Releases”

Samfirmware website through their twitter channel reported that they are not going to release any new beta firmwares before the official release. It has also been said that Official bada 2.0 firmware’s will be released by Samsung after making Wave 3 available to market as they did with Wave 2 and bada 1.2


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  1. REALLY???

  2. Samsung

    You should think over your decision you have done – look, if developers will turn back to you, your store will be empty and next your users will also turn back to
    you – they will have lack of innovations, aplications and so on…

    Developers and testers are also the community of trend setters, they create WoM and now you can be sure that when you taking over from them last arguments to fight for you against other platforms (as android with motorola and aples iOS its have huge market share and they will push you to the corner) you will get in trouble, even your decision to open system is much to late. Generally, all your last decision, touching bada, going in to one direction – to let the platform fall down, sooner or later…

    in the same time it’s not visible that you are speeding up your work on final version bada2.0…

    shame on you!!!

  3. I do hope so for the sooner completion of this firmware up to its official release. As of the moment, personally, I’m limited with my own restrictions to use my phone up to its full capacity in order not to make the unit crash and reboot itself.

    But I’m always in good faith to this development to the point I get excited at the same time annoyed whenever Samsung mention a date and not comply to it.

    Congratulations in advance, just seeing the features on the beta releases makes us await eagerly and patiently for the official release.

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