Page Too Large Error-bada 2.0

After using bada 2.0 for over a month, Yesterday I came across the same old problem with bada 2.0 i.e “Page too large. Content may not be displayed properly”. I was on s8500XPKH1 beta bada 2.0 firmware when I faced that error. Users with bada 1.2 version are very much familiar with this error as and when tried to open any large webpage this error used to pop out, but this was the first time I have seen this same error in bada 2.0


I had to restart my mobile to get it into working position and to use Dolphin Browser. Don’t know whether others users have already faced this error earlier.

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  1. I have BADA 1.2 and also have the problem, thank you Samsung for this shit that you call self developed software. You expected to conquer the world with this? Get real. This is my first and last Samsung, the next phone is going to be an Apple iphone.

  2. tengo el mismo problema pero solo me aparece al tratar de acceder al chat del messenger alguien sabe como solucionarlo?

  3. Lee-Rose Jordan

    Does anyone know how to fix problem when opening web pages in Bada platform app – the browser doesn’t close properly and return you to the app – you have to close and relaunch the app.

  4. i have same problem on pages where don’t have this messages before
    in menu – settings – connectivity, i disabled packet data
    and it’s work for now

  5. Dont complain for about Beta firmwares

  6. opera mini does it work on the beta bada 2 roms?

  7. yeah….if bada 2 will have the same problem….I will try another OS, Bada in going down
    sorry to tell this, but I really belived that BADA will gonna be a great OS.
    I have Wave 1 from september last year…and the single thing that isn’t make me buying a new phone is only BADA 2.
    I hope I will not disappoint me again

  8. i faced it, but closed the internet and opened the same page.again and it was fine

  9. Yes!! I had the same problem and also not enough memory problem in bada 2 😦

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