Samsung “There Is No Decision On Open Source”

Rumors were picking up that Samsung is going to open bada for external developer i.e making it an Open Source, Some curious user posted this question to Samsung bada official twitter account and indeed got a reply from them.

As from the above image, Samsung has still not made any decision on making bada OS an Open Source.

Thanks To: ehrior

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  1. где обещанное 2.0

  2. I dont know if i should be disappointed or not…
    Bada is very secure as it is but its api’s are so limited like it doesnt allow overclocking simply because it doesnt have the api to do so but on the other hand, this is also what makes bada so secure because a malware program wont be able to execute simply because it wont be allowed to even run since it doesnt have the root certificate to do so and neither the combined api’s to run on.

    Now going opensource, bada’s capabilites can be expanded much like android and linux
    (overclocking, putting in full flash 10 support etc) but then an enterprising hacker can leave back entry doors to execute code with a pretty long time frame before the loophole can be discovered and patched.

    Dont really know what to say, opensource has its risks and advantages.
    Knowing samsung though, if they dont opensource bada, they wont put in the features that users may want on their own like as mentioned overclocking or underclocking, full flash 10 etc.

    On the other hand if bada is opensourced, even if lets say BADA 3 is officially released for wave 3 and higher only, devs can port it to the older waves like wave 1 and 2.

    What a conundrum….

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