Development Of bada 3.0 Started

Justin Hong project lead and architect of bada platform just tweeted that development of bada 2.0 is at the last phase, and they have already started designing bada 3.0, Next Generation of bada platform. Here is the tweet that I was talking about

There is no further info about bada 3.0 whether it will be available for all Wave Device’s or will only limited to Wave 3 as a rumor says.

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  1. pls provide bada os 3.0 for wave 3

  2. why bada 3 its not working for most important software like whats up , skype, google play
    whats its use

  3. plz…add nimbuzz.uc browser.whatsapp for bada 3.0

  4. Dipranjan Handique

    what the fuc*….! I have a wave 2…bada 3.0 not for wave 2 dammmmmm…….!! plzzz….yaar give me 3.0 for wavers 2..!!

  5. pls develop camera cont shot and music player custem EQ

  6. there are no good application for BADA 2.0 and you are going to launch BADA 3.0. wht a rubbish thing.

  7. there are no good application for BADA 2.0, and you are going to launch BADA 3.0.1
    what a rubbish thing you are saying

  8. If you had bought an android handset instead, it is likely you would still be left behind in terms of software release. Unless you buy the very best handsets available, hence why the most common version of android running today is still 2.3! The only phone you can really rely on updates seems to be the iphone due to their hardware/software strategy of having the one uniform device.

  9. So BADA 3.0 Firmeare Install Wave 1 or 2

  10. So Bada 3.0 Firmware Can Inatall In WAVE 1 Or 2

  11. Your comment seems, sorry for saying this, stupid.because i bought a bada phone a year ago and still there is no bada 2.0, on the other hand you talk about bada 3.0.I really regret for not buying HtC or something else with Android OS

  12. eddie aveline

    When is Bada 2 being released in the UK

  13. what a joke? you give us first bada 2.0 then move to work on Bada 3.0.
    Samsung has never kept its promise. they have all rejected specialist in their company.

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