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Development Of bada 3.0 Started

Justin Hong project lead and architect of bada platform just tweeted that development of bada 2.0 is at the last phase, and they have already started designing bada 3.0, Next Generation of bada platform. Here is the tweet that I was talking about

There is no further info about bada 3.0 whether it will be available for all Wave Device’s or will only limited to Wave 3 as a rumor says.

Page Too Large Error-bada 2.0

After using bada 2.0 for over a month, Yesterday I came across the same old problem with bada 2.0 i.e “Page too large. Content may not be displayed properly”. I was on s8500XPKH1 beta bada 2.0 firmware when I faced that error. Users with bada 1.2 version are very much familiar with this error as and when tried to open any large webpage this error used to pop out, but this was the first time I have seen this same error in bada 2.0

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Samfirmware “No More Beta bada 2.0 Releases”

Samfirmware website through their twitter channel reported that they are not going to release any new beta firmwares before the official release. It has also been said that Official bada 2.0 firmware’s will be released by Samsung after making Wave 3 available to market as they did with Wave 2 and bada 1.2


Samsung Ukraine Confirms That bada 2.0 Will Be Released For All Wave Device’s

Ukrainian Facebook for Samsung Galaxy Today Released yet another confirmation that bada 2.0 update will be released for whole bada family of Wave Device’s including Low-End bada mobile’s also.

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New bada 2.0 Beta Firmwares Before Sep 16

It has been quite while since last bada 2.0 beta released, last one released was XPKH3. Folks at bada-blog got an answer from Samfirmware through their Twitter Channel about next bada 2.0 beta firmware release. According to them they will be releasing new bada 2.0 beta firmware before 16 September and the delay was server problems from Samsung

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bada 2.0 Upgrade For Wave Devices Will Be Available From 4Q

Today official Samsungbada twitter channel have tweeted that bada 2.0 updating will be coming for Wave 1 and Wave 2 in 4Q. Update starts from Europe then Asia and Africa gradually. More interestingly the bada 2.0 update will be available for all bada mobiles ranging from Wave 1 to Wave 525
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No Live Wallpaper Support In bada 2.0

Bad news for Samsung bada users who are eagerly waiting for the official release of bada 2.0 with live wallpaper support.  Recently one of the Samsung’s representative in IFA 2011 Berlin confirmed that there will be no live wallpaper support in bada 2.0. , The core cause for Samsung’s stepping down with Live Wallpaper support can be that Live Wallpapers drain battery much more faster.

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[rumor] No bada 3.0 For Wave 1 And Wave 2

 Today Samsung has announced it’s new flagship device Wave 3 with two other low end bada phones. Wave 3 comes with bada 2.0 pre-installed. Now the question is, What’s going to Samsung’s next step towards bada OS. According to Samfirmware website Samsung are already in work for bada 3.0, and it seems that it won’t be available for Samsung’s previous High-end bada mobiles Wave 1 and Wave 2

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“Chaton” App Review

Samsung is leaving no stone turned in their upcoming release of their own OS bada 2.0. “Chaton” is one of the inbuilt applications which will be available with bada 2.0. Chaton is similar to “Whatsapp” application in function. The main moto of this applications is to enhance users to have better relationships with their friends or groups through internet. I will be posting all the information about Chaton here Read the rest of this entry

Firmware XPKH3 Complete Tour

XPKH3 is the latest firmware released by samfirmware on 24 August 2011, and it’s the best bada 2.0 beta firmware provided upto now. In this post I’m going to give you a brief summary of XPKH3 on  s8500,

Before starting my review I want to remind you that s8500XPKH3 is still an August Beta release, Final version may not be the same Read the rest of this entry