Voluntas 2.0 PreAlpha 5 Video Demo

Developers Group Team-Vea published a new video of their new alternative browser for bada 2.0 “Voluntas. Application was running on XPKH3 beta bada 2.0 firmware.

The application running in the video below is still in alpha stage and requires some time to make it to Samsung Apps Store. Video Demonstrates the Following Features of Voluntas version 2.0

  • Ability to hide URL box by using Proximity Sensors or even with Camera Key(Can be changed to other hard keys like Volume Down Key)
  • URL addresses are auto corrected
  • Font size can be changed accordingly
  • Opportunity to choose different themes
  • Ability to choose default Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • Auto Search feature (It uses search engine if site was not found)
  • Auto Refresh : refreshes the page if loading was in successful

Here is the video of Voluntas Version 2.0 That I was talking about

Some ScreenShots of the browser:



Unfortunately the development of this applications is on hold as using XPKH3 for testing purpose is too difficult and also note the fact that new beta firmwares will not be released by Samfirmware. So the development depends on the release date of bada 2.0.

Application Will be available in both Free and Premium versions. Free version will have all the basic features while with Premium version include some extra options.


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