Samsung To Make bada Open Source in 2012

According Wall Street Journal website, Samsung is planning to open bada for external developers next year to improve it’s growth and become self reliance and reduce its dependance on Google’s Android. This move from Samsung Electronics  is aimed at keeping up Samsung’s strong growth momentum in high-end mobile devices.

This move comes after the announcement of Google-Motorola mobility deal for $12.5 billion. The move is also targeted at turning Samsung’s Bada software into a widely used platform for so-called smart TVs, which incorporate advanced functions such as on-demand streaming into flat-screen displays. It has also been said that Samsung is not interested in taking any other platforms such as WEB-OS. Read the complete article here.


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  1. Samsungbada twitter (!/samsungbada) has denied the news.
    “Thank you for your interest in bada 🙂 But, There is no decision on open source.”

    I don´t believe Samsung will make bada Open Source, but they maybe ask LG and other companies from South Korea to help them to develop bada, but not release the code to everyone.

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