bada Ad Gateway Service Open!

The bada Ad Gateway is a new mobile advertising service from Samsung that support various in-app advertisement formats for bada developers. bada AD Gateway allows developers to earn money through in-app advertisements rather than simple application sales. The new mobile ad service provides many convenient features specifically for bada developers beyond what other all networks provide. Below is an overview of the service

I. bada Ad Gateway provides a highly profitable opportunity

The bada Ad Gateway business model connects several ad networks and has several advantages over using a single ad network.


The bada Ad Gateway has a rich pool of advertisers from multiple partner ad networks, which means you have access to a variety of advertising to fill your application’s ad inventory. The bada Ad Gateway offers 3 options of ad network selection for you to choose how you want ads displayed in your application

  1. Specify a single ad network
  2. Specify the priority and weight of multiple ad networks
  3. Specify random for multiple ad networks
In case if you want the ad settings in your application after it’s release in Samsung Apps, can be done at bada developers site without any change in code.

II. bada Ad Gateway is convenient for developers to use

The bada Ad Gateway is fully integrated into the bada 2.0 SDK, so you can monetize your applications with advertisements without any additional libraries. Reporting tools at the bada Developers portal give you detailed statistics with graphs for you to review. The reporting screen consists of a dashboard where you can check performance at a glance, detailed reports that include the fill rate, impressions, requests, clicks, earnings, CTR (Click Through Rate), CPC (Cost Per Click), and eCPM (Cost Per Mille).

To start experiencing bada Ad Gateway, you need an integrated ID for your ad inventory from It’s Simple to register bada AD Gateway service, Simply follow the registration process as illustrated below.



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