Nokia Maps To Extend Their Support To All SmartPhones With HTML5 Support

Finnish Company Nokia has decided to extend it’s support of it’s Nokia Maps to all those Smart Phone’s with an HTML5 compatible browser. The Finnish company, quietly working on Nokia Maps service so as to be usable on all mobile platforms such as bada , Android , iPhone OS , WP7 , Blackberry , and WebOS .

The service is still in beta, but can still be used on this link . As of now this service is available only for Android and IOS platforms. When tried to open the maps on s8500XPKH1, I was only able to download a JPEG image of Berlin. Developer on Nokia blog explains that “Berlin map image that you are seeing is still a little bug and we will work on fixing that”. So in near future we can expect on bada OS also.

Nokia HTML5 Maps Supports Following Features:

  1. You can see where you are on the map, thanks to HTML5 support for positioning
  2. You can find addresses, businesses and other places of interest, anywhere in the world
  3. You can get to know the places: all the essential information about a place are presented on one page (pictures, user reviews, popular travel guides description, contact information)
  4. You can plan the fastest route to your destination by car or on foot
  5. You can see where the public transport lines go, and where the stops are
  6. You can share your favourite places with your friends via SMS, email, Facebook or Twitter

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