New bada 2.0 Beta Firmwares Before Sep 16

It has been quite while since last bada 2.0 beta released, last one released was XPKH3. Folks at bada-blog got an answer from Samfirmware through their Twitter Channel about next bada 2.0 beta firmware release. According to them they will be releasing new bada 2.0 beta firmware before 16 September and the delay was server problems from Samsung

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  1. September 16 gone… October will be in a week… When ‘ll be the next firmware…?

  2. Almost one week delay now! Any update on when it will be released?

  3. Day is over……..

  4. Not it will be j1, vocals are jumped…

  5. it will be i1, not h4, the month has changed

  6. when will xpkh4 release

  7. we are waiting for the next beta release guys..
    Will we get today?

  8. Before September 16…….Wow thats great!!! 🙂
    So, it must comeout today…
    Till now, its not online! 😦

  9. great’

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