bada Book Reader Coming Soon!!!

Bored Of Reading E-Books in the traditional Way. Here’s a solution for you. Developer “Berkay” is planning to introduce bADA BOOK READER App, which enhances quality of E-book Reading. It is expected to come with more Graphical user interface.This also virtual 3-D view of a real Book, thus enabling the Page -Turn effect. The Developer is working for its release as soon as possible. For more on this,

Check out the video which gives the Demo version of it.

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  1. sorry i dont have twitter… could you just copy my earlier post and tweet him about it?

  2. somebody please tell the author of this bookreader that
    Page turning focus should be on ONE page at a time filling up the screen, not two
    pages. Two pages on the screen at once makes it difficult to read the text.
    He is already using a wave 2 with a bigger 3.7 inch screen and its difficult to read the text.
    This would be worse on wave 8500’s smaller screen.

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