PK Games Super Sale 2/2

Developer Przemyslaw Klosok Software Developer has  made all his games free of charge temporarily in Samsung Apps store. Here are the download links for the rest of the apps.


In the game, you control the robot armed with: grappling hook launcher, sticky bomb launcher and two laser cannons.Sticky bomb and laser cannon are used to crush the stones blocking the way for us to crystals. Rope with a hook is used for hooking and lifting robot or gathering crystals.


Cat In The Trap

“Evil mouse scientist Dr.Mouser, is Testing an army of Robo-Mice. To his evil plans, he wants to use catched cat. He does not know that cat has a super powers. Help cat to escape from the dungeons, destroying as many Robo-Mice as possible”

Paper Soccer

PAPER SOCCER – Logical tactical game on a soccer sport field. You play on your phone as on a sheet of paper. You draw a lines leading ball to enemy’s gate. The lines of players movement can not cover other line. When your movement line ends with touching any other line, You get additional move. Player who shot 2 goals wins the match.


PK Games Super Sale 1/2 Here

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