bada 2.0 Upgrade For Wave Devices Will Be Available From 4Q

Today official Samsungbada twitter channel have tweeted that bada 2.0 updating will be coming for Wave 1 and Wave 2 in 4Q. Update starts from Europe then Asia and Africa gradually. More interestingly the bada 2.0 update will be available for all bada mobiles ranging from Wave 1 to Wave 525

When asked about which Wave devices are getting this update, This is what they have to say about other Low-End Mobiles

This confirms the rumors that the Low-End bada mobiles will not be getting the bada 2.0 update are false, However the number of features available will be limited.

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  1. I want to download whats app on samsung bada gt-s5380k please tell me what can i do

  2. shutttt.. yaar…. bada 2 come on…i m still waiting…..

  3. plzzzzzzzzzz awaiting for bada 2.0………..atleast plz tell all the releasing date,my wave 2 (8530) is hungry to get bada 2

  4. when is update coming for wave 533.

  5. i have wave 2 s8530 i tried to upgrade bada 1.2 to 2.0 but i am not able to get folder of samsung kies its showing you had latest version of firmware. i am from india

    Please some one help me to rectify this

  6. dude go to samsung kies the update option is always der
    jst connect to pc

  7. where is it man d badaa 2 how can i upgrade it man just tellll meeeee!

  8. Well, give them enough rope to hang themselves. Invasion of sweet WP7 phones is on the horizon, and WP7 developers are not wasting their time any more. Do I need to mention Android phones also. If Bada does not deliver this time, it might be too late. For all of those who did not want have an iPhone or Android and went for Bada instead, if Bada is too late again, WP7 will be a good solution.

  9. Firmware XPKH3 causes the handset heat up and reset,
    sometimes the battery run out within 8 hours.
    Camerra Recording hanging and reseting..
    It’s too buggy..
    I have to re flash back to 1.2.. and wait for the final release..

  10. judging from the function and features of all the recent betas and their space of progress, it’s obvious that Samsung Team is INCOMPETENT.
    If BADA 2 were available now, other rivals would be in panic, and Samsung would gain a significant postion in the world market. ,

    2013 would be a little bit late for BADA..because other system will already have be in advanced stage.

    SAMSUNG knew this , but could not help because their team is COM PLACENT and IMCOMPETENT…

  11. give them a chance!
    4th quarter is untill december this year, more than enough time.

  12. no this time it will be on ime because now the system is realy can compet angist symbian
    IOS Android and windows phone
    but even befor it could but samsung didn’t see it full pontaincal
    and now the only thing we need is more and better develepors for more advance and more complacte apps

  13. f**king samsung they only delay the things….i m sure 4Q will be of 2013….becuase they are not doing their job properly they only promise everytime and cannot keep it…..

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