AzukiSoft Super Sale (2/2)

Developers team Azukisoft pte Ltd have made all their games free of charge temporarily in Samsung Apps store. Here are the download links for the rest of the apps

1. Bubble Break:

Pop the bubble and free the animals. That is all there is to it. Bubble Bash is a casual yet addictive bubble popping game where you pop groups of 3 or more animals and release them from their bubbly cage.


2. Bubble Bash Blue

Wanna pop more bubbles? Then download the new version of Bubble Bash with new graphics and more bubble popping fun. How to play this game? It’s so simple, just tap on the bubbles to pop 2 or more bubbles that have the same animal in them and watch them float up out of their bubble cage.


3. Animal Catcher Red

Catch the animals!!! That is the theme of Animal Catcher Red, the followup to Animal Catcher, a casual match-3 game with a twist. Tap on opposite corners of a rectangle to catch all the animals within. The more you catch, the better you will be


Supported Devices: s8500, s8530

Note: Offer Expires On September 8 2011

Azukisoft Super Sale 1/2 here

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  1. thanks i got them all!

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