Official Info About bada 2.0 And Wave 3 From Berlin

 Samsung held a Bloggers Roundtable today in Berlin, The blogger roundtable offers “bloggers” the opportunity to try out Samsung’s new products and to ask any queries about Samsung Mobile’s. Information obtained from press conference are as follows

  • Wave 3 will be released in November for Germany, Wave M  and Wave Y in October
  • bada has reached a total 6% of market share in Germany
  • A big launch campaign has been planned for Wave 3 in October / November
  • Samsung refuses to give any further details about Chip’s And Ram used in new mobiles
  • bada 2.0 will be released in Q4, Probably in October for Wave 1 and Wave 2
  • Wave 3 is not equipped with NFC chip, NFC only for Wave M and Wave Y
  • bada 2.0 for low-end bada phones (Wave 723, 533, 525) is still under consideration, No clear yes or no from Samsung Representative’s

New Update:

  • Samsung Apps Will add “try & Rent” a feature which allows you to return an app before 24 hours of purchase. Your Money will be refunded

Further Information from the Bloggers Roundtable will be updated, so stay tuned on this topic


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  1. “bada 2.0 will be released in Q4, Probably in October for Wave 1 and Wave 2”

    really?? Its mid november now… and No news about Bada 2.0’s release date….

  2. quand est-que la mise a jour sera disponible en france ??

  3. Wave 1 and Wave 2 have 256+128 MB RAM……..

  4. If the wave 3 had one gigabyte of ram or system memory because if it did Samsung would be shouting it from the rooftops.
    We will have to wait for actual reviews by experienced tech savy reviewers. made a mistake, they assumed the available internal storage for users
    to be the actual system ram when its not.

    As for the Wave 2 and wave 1, they only have 384mb of ram.
    XDA dev’s oleg k has proven this as the memory controller used in the wave 8500/8530 series is a lower model than that of the galaxy s. Basically it provides access to 384mb
    ram at max. They discovered the memory mapping while porting android to the wave.

    Even laoriteo of BADASI fame agrees.

  5. RAM isnt in GHz….
    Wave 2 has a 1 GHz processor with 512 MB RAM while Wave 3 has a 1.4 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM

  6. exactly, was looking at this and thought that this was RAM memory when it actually was internal storage memory… thats what im saying so there is no basis for 1gb of system memory or RAM which is different from storage memory.

  7. i just found out that was talking about the user available storage, not actual RAM amount.
    Here is the link to the pic of what they were talking about.

  8. oh wont confirm ram amount for new wave round 3…
    deja vu

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