Samsung Wave 3 Preview

 Today Samsung announced it’s new bada flagship device Wave 3 aka s8600 with 2 other low end bada phones. All the three phones come with bada 2.0 pre-installed. Website GSM-Arena published preview of Samsung Wave 3. Here is what they have to say about Wave 3.

 The Samsung S8600 Wave 3 has a slim metal shell with the traditional brushed metal look. It’s recognizably a successor to the Wave II but has a touch of Galaxy S in it too – it’s safe to say that the Wave 3 is in good company.The Wave 3 has solid multitasking chops and the Bada app store has been building up content. The 1.4GHz CPU will deliver top-notch performance if the Galaxy S Plus is any

Unlike its two predecessors, the Wave 3 uses capacitive call keys around the center button. The center button itself is big and easy to hit, which is good considering it’s the only hardware button on the front.

The brushed aluminum surface on the metallic back is a real pleasure to use and shows clear ancestry. Pressing a small knob near the bottom of the phone allows you to slide open the entire back cover.

It slides up to a point, enough to reveal the 1500mAh battery and the SIM and microSD card slots. The battery is rated at 8 and a half hours of talk time and 480 hours of standby.


The Samsung S8600 Wave 3 runs the latest version of the Bada OS v2.0. As it was with the first Bada version, the new version of the OS comes with a UI that is quite reminiscent of Samsung’s TouchWiz as seen on their recent Android phones. Also the Bada OS itself has borrowed some system elements and logic from Android OS so if you come from Android, you will find your away around Bada quite quickly.

Here is a video Showing Wave 3 with bada 2.0

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