[rumor] No bada 3.0 For Wave 1 And Wave 2

 Today Samsung has announced it’s new flagship device Wave 3 with two other low end bada phones. Wave 3 comes with bada 2.0 pre-installed. Now the question is, What’s going to Samsung’s next step towards bada OS. According to Samfirmware website Samsung are already in work for bada 3.0, and it seems that it won’t be available for Samsung’s previous High-end bada mobiles Wave 1 and Wave 2

This is not a good news for bada fans, Particularly Wave 1 and Wave 2 users will not be happy with this news, Let us wait for official announcement from Samsung on this topic

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  1. bye! samsung

  2. u all don’t use samsung
    if they can’t do that

  3. stupid samsung ……right guys?

  4. sat pat bae’

  5. fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i hate samsung……….

  6. what the hell ….. bada 3.0 is only for wave3 …..it is unfair…… fuck,……..samsung

  7. Dipranjan Handique

    what the fuc*….!
    I have a wave 2…bada 3.0 not for wave 2 dammmmmm…….!!
    plzzz….yaar give me 3.0 for wavers 2..!!

  8. FVCK i just bought wave 2 here in Philippines

  9. allread i have wave 2 ph bada 2.0 i want bada 3.0

  10. are you really mean bada 3.0 or are you mean bada 2.0?

  11. Its Should be available for atleast Wave 2… having good harware…its so disappointing…!!

  12. yes its should be for all wave phones even for wave 1 and even for wave 2..plzzz ….

  13. yes it should be 4 all wave phones wave 1 and even for wave 2……..plzzz……….

  14. Its sad if Bada 3.0 is only for wave 3. It should be for all wave phones.

  15. Wat the hell is this???? We bought this wave2 thinking samsung wil make it as a big competition with android n ios nw they r stopping it in the middle 😦 if it is really happening then nobody wil buy any bada ph at all..

  16. I think we will dispose our wave 1 or 2 till the bada 3.0 release.

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