Samsung Looking To Buy HP webOS

Samsung may have turned down HP’s PC acquisition report but a new rumor suggests that Samsung has hired HP’s ex-VP of PSG Marketing, Raymond Wah. He will reportedly handle sales of Samsung’s PC business. More interestingly, the Digitimes report also claims that Samsung is also looking to buy HP’s webOS platform in a bid to compete with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS.

There is also rumor that South Korea Ministry will develop a new smartphone OS with Samsung and LG , Few days back, Samsung’s Lee Kun-hee had emphasized on software competitiveness in order to succeed in the Electronics business. Let us wait and see what this has to do with bada


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  1. if they buy webos for the patents (7000 in all) im all for it but
    they should continue with bada as their main and only focus.
    It took them more than year to fix the major shortcomings of bada
    (limited apps installation,limited text storage etc)
    and ive learned bada 2 finally fixes those problems but having two proprietary
    OS’s to maintain and develop can split their focus, resources and customers.
    BADA has finally matured with Version 2 and it would be sad and infuriating for
    bada users if samsung neglects bada development to chase another OS platform.

    they could try to adapt the webOS card system but im not sure if this is absolutely
    necessary. The patents that come with webOS is the true treasure here.

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