Free Apps: Crazy Duck

A unique casual shooter. through in-built gyroscope, Move the phone to aim at ducks and shoot them. Game can be paused by keeping the phone horizontal and resumed at any other angle




Supported Devices: s8500, s8530

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  1. please make “talking tom cat” application for wave 533 phone,,,which is the craziest application in the global market all the smart phones having this apps (android,symbion,iphones) except the bada (wave) phones,,,please make it application as possible as you can,,,i am waiting for this app for nearly 3months …i hope you would do that….

  2. there is a problem i cant remember the names they are all in chinese.
    I did see them when i followed your link to crazy duck. I set my browser to automatically translate chinese pages via google, so do the same and search the free games section.
    There is finger beats but translated as rhythmic finger.
    There is this air traffic controller game i cant remember the name.
    A racing game in 3d not very outstanding but its free.
    I got i think about 8 games in all including what you have linked.
    The developer seems to be the same for crazy duck also.
    Crazy duck is translated as missile duck from chinese lolz!

  3. thanks a lot! i never thought of going to the china store but they do have lots of free games
    in english too that arent available in the other stores. im trying them out, some are in 3d.

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