ScummVM Emulator Running On bada

 ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games, provided you already have their data files. This program allows you to play them on systems for which they were never designed!.

ScummVM supports many adventure games, including LucasArts SCUMM games (such as Monkey Island 1-3, Day of the TentacleSam & Max, …), many of Sierra’s AGI and SCI games (such as King’s Quest 1-6, Space Quest 1-5, …) and many more, You can find a full list with details on which games are supported and how well on the compatibility page.

Developer named Chris has posted some videos of ScummVm running on bada, Scroll down for all three videos posted by him

Monkey island 3

Day Of The Tentacle

Full Throttle




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  1. bada badly needs this to increase the games available for bada users
    hope that the psx emu and n64 emu authors would also port to bada.

  2. wow when ll dis be avbl?

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