Firmwares: s8500XPKH3

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XP = Europe
K = 2011
H = August
3 = Version


  • s8500XPKH3 ( Link  )
  • Password:

s8500XPKH3 Complete Review Here

Guide to install firmware here

Note:For proper working of firmware keep debugging level to low(*#33284*#) from keypad after flashing process

Are you s8530 user then head over to here


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  1. Hey. Why this firmware doesn’t have Persian? I am from Afghanistan and I downloaded these files but I can’t use it. Please help

  2. anybdy pls send me a link for multildr v 5.65…………..

  3. i downloaded the firmware bada 2. 0 in rar format, but the file was producted with password i cant use it, will u help me pls

  4. try english

  5. i didn’t download the firmware and directly turn my phone to download mode……how do i go back …..shoud i turn it off or is there any other way? help!

  6. Please help me (I am from India)…
    Recently i flashed my wave s8500 to XPKH3 version.But i want to reflash my phone back to bada 1.2 so that i will get official updates from kies.. Please help me……..

    Thanks advance.

  7. If I download this new firmware, would it function? By the way I am from the Philippines. Thanks.

  8. is XPKH3 can be used in ASIA?

  9. The password is wrong. 😦

  10. i want to return my UK Wave 8500, but i can’t find the correct firmware to downgrade to, could you help. The official release must come soon so i want to get ready. Many thanks

  11. when i connect to kies Firmware Information says “This version of the device cannot be updated.” …. do i have to flash my phone again to upgrade to the final version of bada 2.0 if ever it will be released?

  12. any user guide or manual available for this version…? this firmware is totally different from its previous version bada 1.2.

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