“Earth And Legends” A New RPG Game Under Development

The developers Divide Arts( Crusade Of Destiny) are working on a new RPG game called “Earth And Legends”. This game will be available for ios, android, webos, bada, Symbian in HD. Game will be avialable for iphone and ipad on August 24, Android release is planned in September and for bada little later. scroll down for more info on this game



Earth And Legend game offers multiplayer gaming. you can Team up with your friend and experience multiplayer gaming over Bluetooth. The multiplayer system automatically divides experience points fair and evenly based on each player’s level and the level of the target creature so players of any level can join together. Multiplayer also uses 3D sound positioning which allow players to hear combat sounds based on distance. Each player experiences the exact same time of day or night and when it rains for one player it rains for all players.

The Combat System:

Earth And Legend features a new and innovative combat system. The combat system has multiple types of melee damage which include slashing, blunt and piercing attacks. Weapons like bow and arrows cause piercing damage, swords and axes cause slashing damage, and hammers and clubs cause blunt damage. The combat system also features additional types of magical damage such as fire and energy attacks. Earth And Legend features 3 different skill lines which allow a player to focus on becoming a better melee fighter, archer or magician. As the game progresses, these skills are upgraded


Earth And Legend features the ability to own pets. Not only do pets make great companions, they can also be trained to fight with your  enemies. Different types of pets can be used for different situations in a battle. While dogs do piercing damage with their bite, other pets do different melee or magical attacks. Players can use magical potions to transform a pet to other forms, and there is no limit on how many times a pet can be changed.

Virtual Day And Night:

Earth And Legend features a 24 hour based time system. Every real world second is equal to 1 minute in the game world. The night and day feature is more than just a visual element of the game, it also affects the gameplay. For example,some creatures can easily be killed in night, and becomes harder if you try to kill at any other time. Players can also choose to sleep at the town’s inn from 1 and up to 23 hours. In fact, players are required to sleep from time to time because lack of rest affects a player’s fatigue and stamina in battle.

Game Trailer:

Other Screenshots:

Source1 , Source2(In Russian)

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  1. btw watching the the trailer all i can say is wow look at those breast implants!

  2. ok thanks! hope they deliver.

  3. i went to the website of Divide Arts and they only mention iOS and Android for
    Earth And Legend which got me worried.
    Can you ask them to confirm they will launch it on bada too?
    and put it on their website?
    it will make a lot of bada gamers deliriously happy!

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