Samsung’s New Strategy Towards bada

Samsung Electronics will increase the capabilities of the mobile platform bada to a higher level again. This is sort of an exit strategy from Samsung to minimize the side effects that could arise from the acquisition of Motorola’s Mobility by Google who would emerge as a potential competitor in near future. In other words, Samsung is slowly trying to reduce their dependence on Android operating system.

Google has announced that it’s going to acquire Motorola’s Mobility for USD 12.5 billion. Google clarified that this buy was to strengthen the Android ecosystem, which in simpler terms meant to use their wide patent portfolio.

Lee Kun-hee, chairman of Samsung Electronics also asserted that the company should develop its software competitiveness.

Lee emphasized that the “IT power” in the industry is now shifting from hardware companies like Samsung to software companies. Lee suggested to strengthen the software competitiveness by hiring more employees (perhaps, Steve Kondik’s recruitment now makes sense) and even seek mergers and acquisitions if necessary.

With devices running bada 2.0 platform , you can now run multiple tasks simultaneously, multi-tasking, short-range communication via wireless technology (NFC), voice recognition feature, the latest generation of Web-based programming language (HTML5), Integrated support for Wholesale Application Community ( WAC ), and many more

Source1 , Source2( In Indonesian)

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  1. bada needs something exclusive to itslef not founf in Android or iOS

  2. That’s a good idea, Google could provide exclusive Android features in their Motorola phones.

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