bada 2.0 Official Release In September

While some users are awaiting for the official release of bada 2.0, many others have already flashed their phone’s with beta bada 2.0 firmwares. But the question of official release hunting user minds from long time, Here is some info about bada 2.0 official release from samfirmware

Keeping Samsung business strategy in mind bada 2.0 will only be released after the official release of wave 3 (As it was in the case of bada 1.2 and wave 2). Most probably wave 3 will be released in september .

If u wish to try unofficial beta firmwares then here are the links



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  1. hi guys can you send me a official bada 2.0 firmware in my account. please…help me to upgrade my phone… im using 1.2 version of bada. thanks im waiting….

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