s8500XPKH1 Complete Tour

Well many users have it and some are trying to..here are the First Impressions, New Features, What Works and What Not on s8500XPKH1 bada 2.01. Thanks to samfirmware for giving us a chance to implement bada 2.0 on our mobile phones…..What are you waiting for scroll down to see what this new firmware got..

Before starting my review I want to remind you that s8500XPKH1 is still an August Beta release, Final version may not be the same


You can install any theme available on the app store for your phone. For demonstrating I have downloaded and installed PantherRED II Theme here are the screenshots but icons will be same as in default theme( May be it’s needed that developers have to update their themes for 100% compatibility on bada 2.0)


Same as in the case of themes all widgets on Samsung Apps can be installed. Here are some screen shots of MeteorClock widget installed on s8500XPKH1

Apps And Games:

I have tried most of the apps which were working on bada 1.0 and bada 1.2 and every app worked on bada 2.0 also. WOW All apps on App store can be downloaded and installed with out any problem. Here are some screen shots of Stone Rain and mikura apps which were not working on s8500XPKG7


Now Maps and reader links have been added to Google Wac Application. On clicking them bada default browser dolphin pops up loading them.

Facebook And Twitter:

Facebook and Twitter apps have no visible changes but performance of both of them have been improved. Scrolling is somewhat smooth when compared to s8500XPKG7. No lag while screen auto rotate.


Messages Area includes only conversation view , no folder view as available in previous bada versions. Ability to add text through voice has also been added (Requires active internet connection).


Camera app still to be improved it’s taking 4-5 seconds to capture the image and process it after pressing camera key..

Final Words:

Overall s8500XPKH1 was more polished version. Many bugs like theme, widgets, apps installations have been fixed. Touch sensitivity improved with smooth scrolling when compared to previous versions. No more lag while auto rotate. Google Wac app has been updated but still of no use.

If I have missed anything report me.

Try s8500XPKH1 Here

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  1. s8500xpkh1 is more compatible version than s8500xpkg6 please help because i installed s8500xpkg6 which is most stable bada

  2. any screenshots of messages folder please? I heard a rumor that in Bada 2.0 there will be only conversation view and no folder view…. Is that correct??? I hope not…

  3. Can you tell us anything about the flash performance in the browser??? I don’t want to flash my phone again and reinstall everything just for some bug fixes and widget support.

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