Bada 2.0 Inside Info

Russian website had opportunity to ask some information about bada 2.0 to their informant inside samsung on various topics and this what they found

  • The program “chaton” is similar to “whatsapp” style in which you can add friends through their mobile numbers and you can chat with them. At present, unfortunately app is in development stage and will be finished within the release of bada 2.0 with graphical interface
  • At present bada Os cannot be adapted to dual core processors, Bad news for those expecting wave III with dual core processor.
  • The bada firmwares which appeared on net are most likely not leaked from Samsung, but from some partners as bada 2.0 is getting developed in fairly large number of other partners
  • Wave III will presented this year a little later, and will be one of the most advanced mobile phones available in the market. Which allow you to feel the benefits of bada 2.0
  • Final version of bada 2.0 will support live wallpapers
  • 80% of bada 2.0 development is carried out in South Korea and other 20% work in India

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  1. when is chaton releasing for wave 525

  2. Is the firmware going to be available for wave 533 as well??

  3. Is the Firmware going to be released on S8500 aswell

  4. Thank you!
    i think wave iii will be 1.4 Ghz cpu

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