Java: Angry Birds Rio

Almost every phone which is categorized as a smart phone will have Angry Birds game in it, Unfortunately for bada Angry birds is still in development stage which may come with bada 2.0(Not Sure). here is a perfect alternative for HD angry birds game

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Download Angry Birds Rio 22.74 M.B Here

Angry Birds Rio 

  • Full landscape game play with 800*480 Resolution
  • Tested on both bada 2.0 and bada 1.2
  • Works on s8500 and s8530 (Not tested on other phones)

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  1. Aadityaraj Ketshu

    Where is the link from where i can download?

  2. where is the download link

  3. whr cn i download it ?

  4. really good this site was work for me

  5. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  6. told me

  7. where i can download it

  8. where i can download this page

  9. after a lot of searching i am not able to find the down load link

    please advise

  10. wheres the download link????????????????????????????????

  11. really nice.. its working…

  12. manseda, cipeal!

  13. thank you very much! works great !

  14. GODDD

  15. 阿门阿门

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