New Versions Of bada 2.0 Under Testing

It seems that bada firmware leaks are no where to stop, Recently users got to play with two beta firmware( XPKG5, XPKG6). Once again Samfirmware website is ready to give more firmwares to bada users. Recently on their twitter account they stated that two new firmware are under testing. Namely s8530XPKH1, s8500XPKG7

it seems that the months August and September are going to be months of bada firmwares leaks on Samfirmware. No word about when those firmware are going to be released. Stay tuned for more updates on this topic.


Samfirmware going to release new bada 2.0 firmware for wave 2 tonight on their official website,

New Update:

Firmware will not be released before 9 August.


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  2. after testing tell abt this firmware…………thanks

  3. any details about this firmware like what bugs are fixed,extra features????????

  4. at what time exactly…….

  5. when this new firmware(s8530XPKH1) is released?????????…………

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