s8500XPKG6 Details

Together with insiders samfirmware will release 2 new firmwares of bada 2.01,one for s8500 and other for s8530

Complete details of s8500XPKG6 here as updated samfirmware official website

What works:

  • SMS opening issue is totally solved
  • Adding app icons on the home screen
  • Google App(and all other WAC 2.0 apps)
  • Facebook App
  • IM Apps
  • Widget reflow now works
  • Connection with Kies is now working (you can sync contacts, memo ,calendar, SMS new)
  • New keyboard
  • New UI font
  • Folder on the Home Screen
  • New Animations
  • Phone switch Off bug has been fixed

What Not:

  • Not all apps from bada 1.x works with this Beta
  • Java apps controls still missing
  • Missing Features are still not implemented (Voice recognition , Voice call recording)
  • Still no sign of inbuilt live wallpapers
  • Rotation still lags sometimes
  • When camera is rotated the delay of rotation is high.

 Firmwares will be released on Saturday 30 july

s8500XPKG6 ( screenshots 1 , screenshots 2 , video )

s8530XPKG6 ( detailsscreenshots )

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