[Guide]How To Update From Bada 1.2 To 2.0

In this tutorial i will be posting the steps to be followed for updating your phone through multiloader

Steps To Be Followed:

  • Install latest Samsung USB drivers (Download Here)
  • Install latest Samsung KIES (Download Here)
  • Connect your phone to PC via Samsung KIES mode and make sure that it recognizes the phone
  • Download Firmware files
  • Unzip RAR files to any specific folder on your PC
  • Switch off your phone and press Volume down key + Power key + Camera Key
  • A download screen will appear on your phone
  • Run Multiloader 5.65 only given with firmware or Download Here
  • Select  LSI641 as below
  • Tick Full Download
  • Click Boot and select Boot folder
  • Click AMSS and select ‘amss.bin’ file which is located in the PC
  • Click Apps and select ‘apps_compressed.bin’ file which is located in the PC
  • Click Rsrc1 and select ‘Rsrc_ Open_Europe_Common.rc1’
  • Click Rsrc2 and select ‘Rsrc2_ (Low/Mid).rc2’
  •  Click Factory FS and select ‘FactoryFs_ Open_Europe_Slav.ff
  • Click CSC and select ‘S85X0XXXXX.csc’
  • Click SHP APP and select ‘ShpApp.app’.It should like this
  • Close Samsung Kies if opened
  • Connect your phone to PC via USB cable
  • Press Port Search and Download
Firmware will be installed in your phone now do not press any key on your phone or switch off your pc
Note:For proper working of firmware keep debugging level to low(*#33284*#) from keypad
Note: Use multiloader 5.65 only
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your phone if any thing happens in case. 
Source: Samfirmware

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  1. my samsung WAVE1 ‘s software has been changed from bada1 to bada2.0.
    i have problems while using web service can you hlp me how to change to bada1.0??

  2. i’m having a problem, the system is saying can not open SHP PP.. pls i need help

  3. website dosent exist


    does it work??

  5. what this mobile is andriod???

  6. what this mobile is andriod

  7. Can somebody help me? I have bada 2.0, I have the front camera on my wave 2. But i dont have the icon to switch cameras.

  8. i want to upgrade samsung wave 723 to version 1.1 to 2.0 how can i upgrade it plzzzzzzzzz telll

  9. after installing i have a problem…. its asking to upload data to PC

  10. Hi all, after upgrading bada 1.2 to 2.0, does any issues will arise? regarding the screen?

  11. I have to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing
    this website. I’m hoping to check out the same high-grade content by you later on as well. In fact, your creative writing abilities has encouraged me to get my very own website now 😉

  12. can i turn back version 2.0 to 1.2?

  13. anish talwaria

    does this work for samsung wave 525

  14. 11111111

  15. Ive flashed it and now got the message fota engine not installed but anytime I try to enter download mode it wont let me it just quickly shows the download mode screen and then flicks back to the fota engine not installed screen

    can any one tell me how to fix this

  16. Hi,i am unable to load bootfiles,it says cant load boot file binary…What to do…To every firmware it says the same thing…What should i do…

  17. i got some problem. what to do? 😦
    .FOTA engine is not installed. when i tried to fix it. a warning comes out. SECURITY FAILS. help me please. THANKS!

  18. sir set it.s ok wave 2 bada 2.0 but not play for you tube watch play show …abcdefg plz help me sir

  19. hi every one! from were i van found wave2 usb drivers? becuce the download link erro help??????????

  20. Upgraded my bada 1.0 to bada 2.0 with above given steps, only addition being selecting FOTA while flashing and reinstallation.

  21. hey if after LSI if it doesnot take bootfile to it what i do..
    did any other option insted of LSI

  22. have follow all the step but then my phone just went off. Can you help me guys, wat hapened?

  23. Edwin S. Garcia

    I have successfully upgraded Samsung Bada 1.2 to Bada 2.0
    Thanks to all of you!

  24. hi, i m using samsung wave 2
    n i want to upgrage from bada1.2 to 2.0 but after reading all comment i m not able to understand. is it successfull?? its new cell n i dont want to take any risk… plz suggest me

  25. Hi, I am using Samsung Wave II and want to upgrade my os to bada 2.0.
    please help me out on how to do the same.

  26. i am unable to select bootfilles in multiloader

  27. Hi Guys… I have upgraded from 1.2 to 2.0 jus before. Followed below steps,
    1. Connected phone to PC via USB cable using skies.
    2. Found an option “Firmware upgrade” in Skies.
    3. Clicked “Firmware Upgrade” button. After 2 hrs got upgraded to 2.0.
    4. Wowwwww Amazing Bada Dev… Great job.

  28. Simran Singh

    I downloaded latest samsung kies from official site & when ever now i connect my samsung GT-S5753E & click on firmware upgrade button in “tools” icon , it says ur phone does not support upgrading firmware via kies. i got 1.1 bada ,,, can i upgrade to 2.0 in this mobile or 1.2 or so ? bro’s please help me 🙂 waiting for reply….

  29. If we click the download option it is showing FBI content warning….How can i download it now???? Plz help me any one…..

  30. I am using Samsung WAVE 2 S8530, Please let me know how can I upgrade 1.2 to 2.0, please let me know the perfect answer, I am expceting reply from Bada

  31. la pantalla de mi teléfono a mostrar este
    motor de la FOTA no está Instalado
    plz instalación abajo eng FOTA.
    conoce a alguien, ¿qué puedo hacer ahora?
    por favor respondan

  32. does it work on wave525

  33. my phone screen show this
    FOTA Engine is not instaled
    plz install bellow FOTA eng.
    know someone what can i do now?

  34. Thanx
    This Site is Really Helpful I dwnld indian firmware Bada 2.01 for India
    Thank You Very Much

  35. Download Start Ch[0]
    BootLoader 1703.9KB OK[0.7s]
    ERR : Dbl Erase

    This error is coming on after pressing download what to do next

  36. ***
    hi there, may i know whether can this steps used for malaysia’s wave? bcox malaysia’s samsung company do not have this service to update 1.2 to 2.0.
    hope u may answer my enquiry..thank you!!! 😀

  37. hi there, may i know whether can this steps used for malaysia’s wave? bcox malaysia’s samsung company do have have this service to update 1.2 to 2.0.
    hope u may answer my enquiry..thank you!!! 😀

  38. after flashing my wave 2 S 8530, my phone is working fine but i am not able to use 3g network on my device….please help!!!!!
    I am from India…

  39. hi ive just gone thru nearly 2 weeks of hell trying to upgrade my samsung wave 723 to Bada 2.0 no matter wot i do how many times i download everything multiloader tells me it cannot load binary bootfiles. Please please help me im nearly pulling my hair out. will Samsung care center help me?

  40. AWESOME PAGE. THANKS A LOT. I UPGRADED MY SAMSUNG WAVE S8500 from 1.0 V to 2.0 v – didn’t loose any data – speed and features totally sexy!! Thank you so much.

  41. please tell me how we can download bada os 2.0 firmware

  42. hi my name is amr i have a very important problem i realy upgraded my samsung wave s5800 from bada 1.0 to 1.2 but samsung apps didn’t work on wifi or any other service and every time i entre it it says network not avalable (0xffo3) plz any one help meeeeeee. if you want to contact me my fb email is amr_chico2010@hotmail.com plz answer fast

  43. i have wave 533…how to upgrade it from bada 1.1 to bada 2.0

  44. Hi,I’m from INDIA
    I have Samsung Wave 2 – S8530
    I want to upgrade it fropm bada 1.2 – 2.0
    Is it really safe to upgrade it ????
    I don’t want to take any kind of risk….
    plss help me !!!!

  45. I have a very strage problem after i updated from 1.0 to 1.2 and then to 2.0.I did it with the latest Kies.Every time i go to “My Accounts” and go to “Samsung account”, all I get is on the top a bar saying Samsung account ,under it a black page and on bottom a blank blue bar!It doesn’t ask me or letting me do anything!So I can no more download any apps with my phone ’cause every time i try it loads the “Samsung account” which is blank as i said!Please,can anyone help me?

  46. Hi I am Sarvesh from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. (India)’ Today i install bada 2.0 on wave s8500. i upgrade my firmware with samsung kies. its install with no doubts. its install in 1 hour. The functions are work very properly. no doubts. thanks bada.

  47. it worked good……

  48. anukalp kotak

    hello frnds..
    m using wave 5753e
    and want to upgrade firware of my cell..
    pls help me out and pls suggest me what i should do for this..
    pls reply as soon as possible

  49. i tried to install bada2 frimware to my samsung waveii with bada os system with asian language supported but my phone system briked and would not start any more so i tried to recover my phone system by using kies emergency frimware recovery tool but it asked me for recovery code but i do not it so would you help me please to know it

    • still u can revert your firmware to 1.0 or 1.2 with open firmwares through same steps of multiuploader. then u can update to latest firmware on kies

  50. semoene help please, i try to flash my phone , after i enter in download mode and multiloader v5,65 show an error , after my phone display a blue screen without any letters . i remove my battery and enter again , and the phone not work so i lose my phone

  51. when i download FOTA file then shows warning; security fail….. what i do ?

  52. is this works on wave 2??

  53. my wave 1 cant switch on after flashing

    during flashing time some errors indicate,then i cant on my wave
    this is any problem to chip
    pls help me

  54. plsss help me fota engine is not installed,..how to recover plss help me!!

    • the instructions given on how to flash samsung phones is wrong.. because i search on the internet that in order to avoid that “fota engine is not installed” problem is you must click on the FOTA and choose the fota file in the firmware you just downloaded in your pc and after that click port search and download. i’ve tried this method and it worked 100% without error. i used the firmware S8530XPKG6—bada 2.0.1 here’s the link http://hotfile.com/dl/125359253/5cbd864/S8530XPKG6.rar.html

  55. i have a BIG problem with samsung apps it;s not working although the wifi is on
    how can i fix this
    pls help me i am from india
    my email add. is parth17e@gmail.com

  56. how to update my nokia 1100 to android 2.3

  57. thank you bada i have successfully installed bada 2.0.1 version in my mobile all credit goes to you thank you for the persuading this is done by you

  58. thanks alot friends
    i have updates my wave2 to bada 2.0
    but it’s not running Samsung apps
    pls help me what I’ve to do now

  59. How to Flash S8500 wave 1 from oS 1.0 or 1.2 to 2.0

    1.download latest samsung USB drivers:
    2.download multiloader V5.65:
    3.download Bada 2.0 firmwire for S8500(Wave 1) in INDIA:
    4.install the latest USB drivers and multiloader.
    Unpack the firmware files to a specified folder.
    5.Install samsung kies latest version.
    Connect your phone to PC via Samsung KIES mode and make sure that it recognizes the phone.
    Now disconnect the phone from PC & close Samsung KIES in computer.
    6. Switch off your phone and press Volume down key + Power key + Camera Key.
    A download screen will appear on your phone.
    7.Run Multiloader 5.65.
    8.Follow the steps:
    Select LSI
    Tick Full Download
    Click Boot and select Boot folder of the firmwire.
    Click AMSS and select ‘amss.bin’ file which is located in the PC
    Click Apps and select ‘apps_compressed.bin’ file which is located in the PC
    Click Rsrc1 and select ‘Rsrc_ Open_Europe_Common.rc1
    Click Rsrc2 and select ‘Rsrc2_ (Low).rc2’
    Click Factory FS and select ‘FactoryFs_ Open_Europe_Slav.ffs
    Click CSC and select CSC_S8500_Open_Europe_Common_OXAK7.csc
    Click SHP APP and select ‘ShpApp.app’.It should like this
    Click FOTA and select bplib_S8500OpEuroCommon.fota
    9.Connect your phone to PC via USB cable
    10.Click download in multiloader.
    [If it cannot find the port then press PORT SEARCH in Multiloader and then press download]
    11. It will take 15mins to Flash the new OS.
    Do not press any key on phone or PC while its flashing.
    12.Adjust the date and time.
    [Note:For proper working of firmware keep debugging level to low(*#33284*#) from keypad]
    [Note: Use multiloader 5.65 only
    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your phone if any thing happens in case. ]
    [ur phone should hv the original samsung theme before flashing]

  60. Hi,I’m from INDIA
    I have Samsung Wave 2 – S8530
    I want to upgrade it fropm bada 1.2 – 2.0
    Is it really safe to upgrade it ????
    I don’t want to take any kind of risk….
    plss help me !!!!

  61. I upgraded the software.. but now in kies it shows ‘your device dosent support software upgrading via kies’ my current firmware version is S8530KG6/S8530OXAKG6(INU)
    Please tell me how will it affect my updates.. and what do i need 2 do for it…


  62. I’m Alex – ‘Can not open : dbl Loader’ It says this when I click download.. HELP! I’m new to this stuff and really don’t want to make a mess of my phone

  63. What and where is the boot folder???

    • it is availabale in the bada 2.0 firmware
      you should add the full folder at the boot column in the multiloader 🙂

  64. I use samsung wave 3 s8600, the version is s8600JPKK4. It can’t display chinese. I live in Hong Kong and anyone can help me? Does any software that I can install to display Chinese language?

    • u can choose the language option at the time of booting.

      or else upgrade the firmware.

      91 8275592317

  65. My phone is wave 3, the version is s8600JPKK4. I live in Hong Kong. It can’t display chinese language, anyone can help? Any software I can download to support Chinese language?

  66. when i click on boot…it shows choose boot folder….and when i chose a folder its showing cannot ”cannot load files binary” pls help

  67. can i install it in wave I ??

  68. dear friend there is a fota engine needed

  69. how long i most wait befor the process have complited? or i can remuve the USB cable?

  70. thanks …..thats gr8 nd it works in india….

  71. For no apparent reason my screen turns blue with loads of writing on it. At the bottem it says ‘exit hold 0 for 2 seconds’ although screen does not work, to escape i press menu key which then goes to a black screen with ‘UPLOAD DATA TO PC’, all buttons and screen are non functional and I have to take the battery out and put back in again. This is now happening 2-4 times a day and is driving me insane , can anyone help or have i got a dud phone?

  72. fuck wat happen to my cellphone…… i cant open it!

  73. ihab mahmoud

    i have the firmware s8500 jpjf4 , and no upgradeto 1.2 or 2.0 via kies!! how can i upgrade to 2.0?

  74. saagar kumar

    Thanks a Lot works g8.. no problems so far….

  75. Are samsung care centre help to upgrade bada 1.2 to 2.0 ?

  76. what,s your model 8500 or 8530 plz answer today

  77. fake its really fake, i lost my S8500

  78. when bada 2.0 official come then anyone reply in pritamdhara38@gmail.com plz plz plz

  79. should i upgrade my wave II gt-s8530 from bada 1.2 to bada 2.0?
    is it official?
    please help.:)

  80. is it safe??

    many users are complaining after upgrading….
    should others try to upgrade bada 1.2 to bada 2.0 os with samsung wave II

  81. WTF?I follow your steps and @ the end of the procedure appears me:FOTA engine is not installed plz install belowFOTA eng. (FOTA_ENGINE_VER_INFO_2.0) .MY WAVE S8500 DOESN’T DO ANYTHING!!!NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • My friend John u need to update the Fota file as well like u did for the other. Just after the SHP APP there is Fota option so select and then select .fota file and flash it again ushould be good… 🙂

    • soufi from algeria
      no problem you must just rpeat this step : Switch off your phone and press Volume down key + Power key + Camera Keydownload on downloader V.5.65 press FOTA and select in your folder how you extacting the firmware bada2 (select only Fota and
      clic on port select adn download
      and enjoy

  82. When Bada 2.0 Official Upgrade Will Come For My GT-S8530 Wave ll

  83. i got GT-s8530 bada 1.2
    Where file can i download for upgrade to bada 2.0
    i try download file S8530CXKB1_OLBKB1.rar
    but Downloader V5.65 tell me

    Download Start Ch[0]
    Serial port open error!

    Warring : Security faill!

    i need some help

  84. Does this work in Africa? South Africa to be exact

  85. u know me vry wel

    gud one works for me

  86. some one help me…
    how do i upgrade my fon to 2.0 from 1.2

  87. some1 plzz tell me how do i upgrade my bada 1.2 to 2.0 ?????

  88. only when l conect cable earphone for radio or bluetooth earphone l don’t have message alert tone? bug?

  89. hi
    iam from malaysia i want know this up grade bada 1.2 to 2.0 it safe or no
    how to simple up grade and not much problem
    in malaysia where i can find cd software for up grade bada 2.0 or direct
    buy in samsung apps store auto upgrade,
    i hope my commment have attention

  90. i can not put my fone in downloading mod pls help me…..nthng is happening aftr pushing tht buttons…

  91. I read too much problems in connection to upgrading bada 1.2 bada 2. how can I dare to try to update it?

  92. I tried flashing my 8500 fr the 1st time with S8500XXLA1 (custom firmware by nexus).
    I get ‘csc write error, when i try again, i get ‘amss write error. Tried it several times, still it wont complete the flashing process.
    Please help, now i’m really worried 😦 (


  94. My phone won’t boot up! Muliloader failed or something, now it doesn’t does anything! Please help me, oh and is this covered by warrant?

  95. If you have problems with this process disable all the startup programs. goto start – cmd – type in “msconfig” goto startup and disable them all restart your pc. and then try the process. Remember to put them back on again.

  96. i has upload sucessfuly also debug level is on low now in version 2.0 bada .smt file is not runnig i also download in pc stunes but not geting anytnking pls solve my prb.i wan to run .smt themes in my cell wave 2 .smt how can i used it in bada 2.0 update frm 1.2 version stune

  97. Hi i am sarvesh, when bada 2.0 official upgrade is coming with kies. plz reply me.

  98. Please Help Me I Updated Firmware 2.0 To My Wave 723 I downloaded The Correct Firmware ..And then i then i flashed it using multiloader and atlast it completed But When I try to turn o my wave It get stucked after The logo Samsung Wave GT-S 7230E …Help So0n


  100. tnx ppl!!!
    got my wave 2 s8530!!!
    updated sucessfully 🙂

  101. Hey bada mobile i have successfully loade bada 2.0 bt i m facin problems in downloading apps from samsung app as it says service not available,n kies also does nt recgnise phn plz help.i m frm india

  102. i cant unzip this i needs a code..:((((((((((((

  103. hey guys i have update my wave 2 frm 1.2 to 2.0 but my samsung app isnt working . it shows network error 0xff01 (i am from India)..Thank you

  104. hey guys i have update my wave 2 frm 1.2 to 2.0 but my samsung app isnt working . it shows network error 0xff02.(i am from India)…Waiting for ur reply

  105. I have downloaded all firmwares for S8530XXJKA and Multiloader 5.65 . When I turn on phone to Kies latest version) shows “Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies”. Please help me what it’s mind? Can I upgrade my phone bada 1.2 to bada 2.0 ?

  106. i want 2 upgrade my wave 2 os from 1.2 to 2.0
    will this be successful if yes then tell me the prcess

  107. when i click on boot…it shows choose boot folder….and when i chose a folder its showing cannot ”cannot load files binary” pls help

  108. ashu1837@gmail.com

    where i can download themes for this bada version

  109. I’m in Bulgaria …and all is ok , but when i start any app like browser, GT-s8500 going to blue screen and text like : level debug : 1 ….. and when click central button going to ” UPLOAD to PC “(same screen like download screen) … I leave from this situacion when click down volume + power button + camera button and then my phone going to restart .. how I can fix this problem ?

  110. thanks it really works but why themes are not supported in this version .smt themes for bada 2.0 is not supported give some solution

  111. after flashing bada 2.0 my phone is not displaying anything how can i recover it please help me!

  112. thanks bada i m from india & i have been successfully update bada 1.2 to 2.0 in wave 2

  113. Akhileshwar singh

    Is bada 2.0 update available for wave2 S8530 ???????

  114. Amjad Alkhatib

    hello; how i can support my mobile with Arabic language, i flash s8530xpkh3 firmware.

  115. hai i am using samsung wave2 bada 1.2 VERSION 1012271633LISS8530XXJKA
    i badly wan to switch it ti bada 2 please please do help me . if i flash my mobile with firwares other than for india will i have problem with my cell?
    how can we succesfully flash ??
    please du help me please please please
    thanks in advance

  116. when bada2 will be available in INDIA officially please tell me exact date because my google maps n other apps not working it requires bada2 please tell me what is solution onthis problm

  117. help this error is in my multi loader

    Download Start Ch[0]
    BootLoader 1703.9KB OK[0.9s]
    Dbl 281.5KB OK[0.9s]
    Wait reset !!

    Serial port detect error!

    • Download Start Ch[0]
      BootLoader 1703.9KB OK[0.9s]
      Dbl 281.5KB OK[0.9s]
      Wait reset !!

      Serial port detect error!

      how can i fix this? i can’t open my phone now.. pleaaase help!!

      • I tried flashing my Samsung wave GT-S8500.

        I am also facing the same error.

        Download Start Ch[0]
        BootLoader 1703.9KB OK[0.9s]
        Dbl 281.5KB OK[0.9s]
        Wait reset !!

        Serial port detect error!

        when i switch on my phone text like “upload to PC is aoppearing”

        Please do help me.

        • watch on youtube the full process of downloading
          open the site
          search-upgrade bada 1.2 to 2.0
          there are good results 🙂

      • I have the exact same thing! i need some help!’

  118. How 2 get a boot folder !! plz any1 of yu know ? ? ?

  119. its good guys,its working fine.

  120. i have a BIG problem with samsung apps it;s not working although the wifi is on
    how can i fix this
    another thing how can i add arabic language ???

  121. when bada 2.0 available through kies in india please bada tell me the exact date

  122. hey guys i have update my wave 2 frm 1.2 to 2.0 but my samsung app isnt working . it shows network error 0xff01 and a note of set connection for network service.i am using it on wifi plz help how to solve this

  123. hi, if there is a normal version can i put this than on my phone

  124. i am not able to find the files like amss.bin from where i can get it plzz hlep

  125. my kies is nt recognising my phn..its showing connecting and connecting frm such a long time..what shud i do..???

  126. firmware for wave 2 s8530 bada 2.0

  127. hi,
    guys today i have updated my wave 2 phone and everything fine lit bit problem like blue screen . i am from india keep developing 3g services support like video calling and download speed support… and guys u have done gret job thnak you very much
    keep smiling

  128. anything works wrong with this unofficial bada 2.0 version?cuz i wanna upgrade and i want it to work perfectly like on previous version

  129. I have update my bada s8530 1.2 to 2.0 but i face some problem my phone camer is not working properly if i selected memory card option & some time my phone hang up & shows message upload data to pc if u have any solution about this problem please tell me as soon as possible.

  130. I can’t get my Wave s8500 to download mode 😦

    • backup ur contacts by samsung kies switch off ur phone remove sim & sd card press volume down key power off key & screen lock key together ur phone going to download mode .

  131. Hazem El Daramally

    I have Samsung GT S5330 with bada 1.1
    Is that firmware will work good with me or it will make problemes

  132. hi i hav wav 2 8350 ,how can i update it to 2.0 , i am from india

  133. hiiiiiiiiiii i m vardhan from india using samsung wave 2 bada 1.2 can i convert bada 1.2 to bada 2.0 please tell bada

  134. ham from india i have samsung wave 2 ,wat is the stable version of bada 2.0,wat is the firmware version of samsung wave 3, which one is better s8530XPKH3 or s8530XPKH1.pls do guide to update…

  135. I updated my S8500 to XPKH3 firmware in Srilanka(Asia).but after while my unit display a network error massages time to time n when i restart the phone everything falls back to normal.also i cant use youtube over the 3G network.

    Is there a way to fix the above issues?can somebody help pls?

  136. When i upgrade my Wave 2, everthing is fine using Kies 2.0. However, after installation complete, the message says phone doesn’t regconige and require me to take out the battery and reboot my phone. Is it because the udgrade version is available for my country or what.

    This is the error from Cambodia.

  137. i flashed s8500dje7 successfully the problem is how can i flash s8500ddkd1 to my phone by using multiloader5.65 how to tick the file in the multiloader5.65 PLEASE how to select multiloade5.65 using ddkd1 firmware please help bada

  138. its work thanks its amazing but how can I add other languages like Arabic

  139. can i change bada os to android os ?
    how ?

  140. saurabh jindal

    i flashed my wave 2 to Bada 2.0 and is facing problems and now i need to downgrade my wave 2 back to bada 1.2 . i am from India…. plzz assist

  141. which firmware is better s8500xpkg7 or s8500xpkh2. which one is more stable which is bull of bugs in which firmware most of the application will work please tell your verdict

  142. i using wave s8500.i finish install the s8500XPKH1 firmwares in my phone.it improvement from vision bada1.0 but can manage the widget on the screen.i can uninstall the program that i install.can badamobile give problem? . or i must change vision to s8500XPKH3 Firmwares. what difference between s8500XPKH1 firmwares with s8500XPKH3 Firmwares?

  143. the problem is first i flashed bada 2.0 in my mobile (that is the europe firmware)how can i flash bada 1.2 in my mobile (i need indian firmware because i am from india ) i was already downoaded bada 1.2 (s8500ddkf1) but i dont know how to flash or downgrade bada 2.0.1(s8500xpkg7) to 1.2. because india firmware don’t have FF and boot file is their any idea you have bada please

  144. Im from india
    i have wave II version 1.2
    how to upgrade 2.0 original
    can u pls assist me?

  145. Can Tell me in wave 575, can i upgrade to 2.0 bada ???and grom where i can download motion games??because in samsung apps there have not any motion racing games.
    I will thankful to u if you will help me.

  146. is it sucessfull or not

  147. Hi currently I am using Samsung Wave 2 which has a
    software version
    Bada 1.2

    Do I need an upgrade or this software is better please assist????


    • bada 2.0 firmwares we are using are not official one’s and there are high chances of losing your mobile, still if you want to update to explore bada 2.0 features untill official one come’s then this guide will help you

  148. after upgrading my s8500 to bada 2.0.
    all apps are deleted,any way to get them back..??

    • If u have downloaded your apps while logged into your Samsung account then you can find them in you page on Samsung Kies

      • no, but i have the 900mb data of those apps in folder ( __@@bada_applications@@__)
        this folder is in others folder of memory card,when we connect phone in data storeage mode.
        is this data helpful.?

      • no i dont, but i have all 900mb data of those apps…which is in the folder(__@@bada_applications@@__) in others folder (hidden), when phone is connected in mass storage…
        is this data helpful…??

        • no not that data, If u have logged into your Samsung Account while downloading any apps using Samsung Kies. Then you can download them again from your account

    • hi how did u upgrade s8500 to bada 2.0 guide me pls

  149. how much times i can flash because i flashed my phone four times successfully is there any possibility of breaking my phone please help bada

  150. what about s8500xpkh2 specification bada help

  151. s8500xpkg7 firmware is more stable compared to s8500xpkh1 can i install s8500xpkg7 on my mobile please help bada tell your verdict which firmware is better

    • Yes U can install XPKG7 on your phone. only problem with XPKG7 is that all apps wont work on this firmware only about 80 app work, where as in XPKH1 90% of the apps work

  152. s8500xpkh3 firmware flashing is possible in india (i have s8500 handset) please help bada i wanna know

    • Yes, you can flash XPKH3 firmware in India(Moreover I’m from India only)

      • no problem because i already flashed i bricked my mobile and i changed my motherboard in the samsung service centre it wont happen anything please bada

        • I have flashed XPKH3 two times due to some probs. You can flash any number of times.
          I would suggest XPKH1 rather than XPKH3. XPKH3 is somewhat unstable when compared to XPKH1……

          Many others got Connect to PC mode, but after re-flashing with same firmware there were no problems. You should have tried things rather contacting SVC.

          Take care to do all the things right so that flashing process goes correctly…:)

  153. s8500xpkh3 firmware flashing is possible in india ( i have s8500 handset)

  154. i was flashed s8500 to s8500xpkh3 the result is i bricked my phone (what was displayed on the mobile uploaded data to pc) i can’t access my mobile then eventually i took my mobile to samsung sevice centre .they told my motherboard has got damaged finally i changed my motherboard it coast nearly 5000rupees i am from india

  155. i flashed with bada 2.0 to S8530 but it hangs frequently and a green screen comes with lot of codes and error messages. I did reflash with firmware XPKH3 provided by Samfirmware.com many time. The problem still persist. Just i saw that i need to keep debugging level low. that i will do and post the result.
    But apart from this can u tell me what is the problem. i Belong to India.
    thanks to you sir.

    • Don’t use Kies backup/restore feature. Keep debugging level to low it will fix most of the bugs

      • you r right. i used kies and landed in problem. should i re flash the phone or do a hard reset. i want to use bada 2.0 only. tell me to find good firmware. this will be kind help. as u told that wave 3 phone will come pre loaded with bada 2.0. So samsung has the official version and you know that how to find that. all of us are waiting for that link which takes us to official firmware.

  156. i m not getting option to download a firmware from kies. I connected my wave 2 with latest Kies in Kies mode. But i do not find any option to download firmware. It says my firmware is latest and It is DDKF1 for Indian region. pls help Bada Mobile.

    • Which firmware are you trying to update through Kies. bada 2.0 is still not yet available through Kies

      • my firmware is DDKF1 which is for india. i downloaded the europian firmware XPKH3 and flashed with it. but when i use voice input for typing then message comes “Network connection error”. tell me what to do.
        when i use kies with this again some error i get in typing window. sometime i donot get typing pad to write in.

  157. After completing flash i am getting display with upload to pc and the mobile is not responding can any one help me out ASAP bcoz my phone is almost DEAD………………..

  158. Download Start Ch[0]
    BootLoader 1703.9KB OK[0.8s]
    Error : Dbl Write [0.2s]
    pls helpe sir my mobile is dead

  159. after updating my wave s8500 to bada 2.0 …
    it become too slow……

  160. I live in mauritius can you suggest me which firmware to download….
    furthermore i have a network lock can just tell me how to remove it or if i can flash my wave 2 with the network lock………thanks….

  161. ffs file is incleded in the firmware itself…………

    • but in that zip file i did not find ffs file then what should i do ?
      should i download new zip file of firmware ?
      for which contry i should download firmware ?
      pls give me a best link ….

  162. thank u bro i upgraded my wave2 (i like u bro) thanks a lot

  163. from where can i get indian firmware for wave 2 ?

  164. I cannot use ChatOn because it always says “Define network settings”. Can anyone please explain why is this happening and if there’s something to be done to fix this please say so.

    I’m using S8530XPKH3, hope this info will help.


  166. is there a difference if this beta version is used in other country?

  167. where is all that file – ‘amss.bin’ , Factoryfs and all dat….. where can i find them in pc

  168. Its working but you need to take up the phone memory, otherwise it will get delete…Please do backup all the things from phone memory (Contacts, songs, pics….) UI is awesome but loading speed is low..

  169. is bada 2.0 “”beta”” safe to upgrade or i should wait for official launching

    • Firmwares available to try are still in beta stage, you may experience some uneven restarts and other such things, but if u want explore bada 2.0 you can flash your mobile under your risk. If any of the above step fails your phone may get bricked

  170. bada 2.0 upgrade is for india or just for europin country is launched?

  171. From where i can get the firmware files … can i have the link .. ???

  172. Can i install bada 2.0 , phone is card locked ( it only work on one network, dont accept others mobile operators) ty

  173. when i upgraded my firmware to XPKH3 all my downloaded applications were wiped out. all my installation files though are saved in my memory card… is there any way i can access them and make applications work again? im not using kies to download my application…

    • Nope, There is no way you can regain them……………………………..
      From bada 2.0 onwards you have a option Backup/Restore in samsung kies to take backup of your applications and restore them afterwards

  174. wen i click on boot…it shows choose boot folder….nd wen i chose a folder its showin cannot ”cannot load files binary”………wat shall i do ? is it cause i dint choose the correct folder ????

  175. hey wen i click on boot folder its showin cannot open primary boot files

  176. hi there… i tried to upgrade my firmware… but an error was detected… now i cant start my phone… how can i make it start again…?

  177. When i press ”port search” nothing happens! 😦

  178. from where should i download firmware file..?
    Plz post the link.

  179. from where should i dowmload rar file??

  180. how can recover to old one.. phone was troubling a llot.. reply soon pls….

  181. Run Multiloader given with firmware…..what does it mean.i cannot find the option multiloader………in both mobile and kies…where should i find that option,,,,after press Volume down key + Power key + Camera Key in mobile i find only download mode…..wt should i do now

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