s8500XPKG5/s8530XPKG5 Review

What Works:

  • Calls,Messages
  • Music Player
  • video Player
  • Navigation
  • Samsung Apps
  • Kies via wi-fi
  • Dolphin Browser 3.0
  • Camera
  • FM Radio
  • SNS
  • Home Screen widgets
  • New Chat On APP
  • Syncing of contact with kies on pc Works
  • New Music Hub
  • Twitter App
  • New Caster APP

What Not:

  • Adding new widgets to homescreen
  • Adding folders to homescreen
  • IM App
  • Facebook App
  • Google App

Changes:Only changes that are observed after s8530XPKD6 will only be posted here

  • Twitter App updated with swiping technology(swiping left or right gives options such as Reply,Retweet etc)
  • New messenger Chat On included through which one can message other wavers through data services
  • Icons updated
  • HTML 5 included
  • Browser flash support
Looks like Samsung have listened to their user requests and gave them what they wanted.Some parts of UI has been changed from black color to white which doesn’t look well on s8500(Super Amoled known for displaying black),other than that the firmware is awesome with little bugs
Try s8500XPKG5 here 
Try s8530XPKG5 here

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